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Implant Options

Should you require more complex treatment- like implant treatment?

Pawel - Denture Expert works and operates in close co-ordination with Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic in Blue Bell Hill, team of experienced implant dentists providing you with the option of the complete range of all other dental treatments including Implants solutions, cosmetic dentistry and immediate tooth replacement. We work closely as a team combining our clinical skills, our practical experiences in the construction and provision of implant retained dentures, with our extensive experience in dental implants and implant dentistry to give you the very best treatment and level of care possible.

Image of Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic

Denture implants are fantastic solutions for every denture wearer and offer an affordable and highly recommended solution for all denture wearers who suffer problems with dentures. Research reveals that as little as two dental implants in the lower jaw will significantly stabilise the prosthetic. A similar procedure secures the upper teeth, normally with four implant fixings.

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Advantages/Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Replacement of teeth without damage to neighbouring teeth
  • Can successively retained complete dentures
  • Improved aesthetics and natural appearance
  • Improved function which will restore your quality of life

All-on-4 Dental Implants - The modern solution for all missing teeth - Smile in a Day

Dental health has a great impact on our life.

Loss and damage of one or more teeth can affect the function and aesthetics of your teeth.

Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a variety of solutions to restore or replace teeth for a natural appearance and improved function.

Traditionally, some restorative dental procedures required many steps. Due to modern implant design and techniques, it is possible to have permanent fixed teeth. This procedure is suitable for patients requiring major restorative work or permanent denture replacement.

(All-on-4 system) is a cost effective, advanced technique whereby a whole arch of teeth is supported by only 4 implants. This revolutionary treatment concept can be used in either the upper or lower (or both) jaw to support immediate fixed replacement teeth that look, feel and function very similar to natural teeth in as little as one day.

This modern technique requires only 4 implants for a whole upper or lower arch. Two implants are placed vertically in front of the jaw and two back implants are placed at an angle for up to 45 degrees. This allows support for total rehabilitation overcoming bone deficiencies and in many cases avoids grafting procedures.

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Patients benefit from immediate implant-supported fully fixed replacement teeth. The sense of taste is also preserved, as the roof of the mouth is not covered with acrylic denture, and compared to conventional methods, cleaning and maintenance is easier.

Immediate teeth, beautiful smile and quality of life ... restored.

For more information about dental implants please contact Maidstone Denture Studio on 01622 755641