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Denture Options

At Maidstone Denture Studio you will be explain and shown all our various denture options which are suitable for you, giving you the chance to discuss your needs and expectations so you can pick the option which is best for you. Pawel - Denture expert will provide you with available treatment options, this may be a simple one tooth denture to implant retained dentures, and everything in between.

At your first appointment, in order to plan your care properly, I will discuss your personal denture history, gain any relevant medical history information that could impact on your denture and record your contact details. We value the need to safeguard this information in accordance with the principles laid down in privacy legislation.

Our pricing structure is easy and transparent, no hidden extras. One price will be given to you which will include all your appointments and essential aftercare during your new denture settles.

We appreciate that everyone's different, which is why we're committed to ensuring that we can provide with the best denture option which suits your individual needs.


This uses basic 'Natura' denture teeth with 16 shade options and standard base materials.

Please note this option level is not suitable if you require any complex reconfiguration and facial contouring.

Image of Natura logo and range Image of Natura logo and range


These dentures are made using harder and more natural looking teeth for increased wear resistance and natural appearance.

Ivoclar "Ivostar" harder than the basic range teeth. Therefore they will last longer and their aesthetic appearance is better than that of Natura teeth. These teeth do not have the layering of the upper range teeth that produce their life like appearance.

Image of Premium Range and Ivoclar Vivadent logo


Our premium cosmetic range level denture effectively enhances and restores a natural appearance using Ivoclar 'PE' composite denture teeth, returning the warmth and natural characteristics of your smile, blended with standard facial plumping and line reduction.

Ivoclar Vivadent "PE" denture teeth can be selected according to the individual features of your face. You can choose from a range of soft feminine shapes or bold masculine tooth styles, giving you a more realistic smile that suits your personality.

The exclusive Pearl Effect (PE) final layer delivers a highly characterized translucent appearance that mimics natural enamel. The wide range of moulds combined with high esthetics properties make Vivodent PE the standard for premium cosmetic prosthetics.

Image of Premium Cosmetic Range and Ivoclar Vivadent logo


Using multi-layer, composite teeth specifically designed and shaped for the most natural look possible together with hand contoured gum re contouring. We carefully re construct a harmonised appearance to enhance and reproduce your natural facial contours, reducing age lines and returning your corrected facial dimension to make you look younger in appearance.

This range utilises Ivoclar "Phonares teeth". These are the top of the range in denture teeth, which are gender and age specific. They are extremely durable and uniquely natural in appearance. This is due to the fact that they have an un-paralleled life-like surface texture and natural layering that produces harmonious proportions of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence. Plus the tooth moulds are specifically layered to suit the characteristics of each individual tooth shape. Reducing tired faces and reducing lines and creases around the mouth. The fantastic results achieve with a denture facelift depend on individual circumstance but is a highly recommended denture treatment.

Image of Premium Cosmetic Plus Range

Our Denture Facelift includes:

  • Hand crafted cosmetic dentures
  • Denture teeth positioned to give you fuller lips
  • Gender specific tooth shapes and colours that will compliment your gender, age and personality
  • Increasing the distance between your chin & nose to correct any sunken features
  • Registering the perfect bite to ensure maximum comfort & allowing you to eat better
  • Repositioning your denture teeth to give you a softer, more relaxed natural appearance
  • Providing you with the correct lip & facial support

Should you require more complex treatments you can be assured that Pawel have seamless referral pathways to get you treated in all aspect of dental treatments. We can accept referrals from you own dentist allowing us to provide dental solutions as an integrated team. Pawel operates in close co-ordination with Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic in Blue Bell Hill, and referring dental professionals providing you with the option of the complete range of all other dental treatments including implants solutions, cosmetic dentistry and immediate tooth replacement.

Prices are dependent on individual needs and Denture Expert Pawel will discuss all denture options with you following FREE consultation. Tel. 01622 755641