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78 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1BH. Call 01622 755641.

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What is a CDT

A CDT (Clinical Dental Technician) is a fully qualified dental care professional who specialises in the design and careful production of dentures. The role of the Clinical Dental Technician sits somewhere between that of a dentist who would usually take the patients impressions, and that of a dental technician who would receive the impressions from a dentist and then make the dentures. The CDT does both roles, takes the impression and makes/ fits the dentures. Qualifying as a Clinical Dental Technician involves years of intensive study that exceeds dental technician's training through additional modules in sciences, clinical skills and customer care. Their Position allows them to offer patients direct treatment for the construction, repairing and fitting of removable dental appliances. Pawel gained his Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology from The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Regulation and qualification

Clinical Dental Technicians are required to undergo rigorous training and assessment to be allowed to practice. They are regulated by the General Dental Council.

What should I expect from my Clinical Dental Technician?

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